School Information

News and letters : The latest news is on the news page.
News and Letters archive: Still looking for a list of letters, reports or a recent  newsletter ? (This week’s or some time ago) – They are listed  here
School day: School opens at 8:35 AM. Registration is at 8:50 AM and the school day ends at 3:05 PM.
School Dinners: The current school dinner menu is available here
Calendar: The Term dates for 2019-2010 are available here. The term dates for 2020-2021 are now available here.
Prospectus: Our  latest published prospectus … School Prospectus
School Gateway online payments: use the School Gateway to access the School gateway online payments system. Information is available here.
After School club. The latest booking forms fro After school club are here…Booking Form autumn term  2018-2019 (MS Word format) and Booking Form Autumn term  2018-2019  (PDF Format)
Admissions:  The 2020-2021 admissions policy is now available . The  2019-2020 Admissions policy and the 2018-2019 admissions policy are also still  available  .
Applications for School places can be done  online  via the Oxfordshire County Council website online application pages. (please read our prospectus and admissions policy first!). Finally REMEMBER: To apply for a place for a Catholic child you must  provide proof of Baptism in a Catholic Church. This  is an essential element of the admissions process. Please complete a supplementary information sheet and provide a photocopy of your child’s Baptism Certificate to the School Office and remember to indicate ‘RC’ on any forms submitted online or on paper.
Admissions appeals: The admissions appeals timetable is now available – 2019 Admissions Appeal Timetable.
School Uniform – You can buy school uniform online . Please read the school uniform letter for details. To go to the online shop  click on this link-  St Aloysius’ School Uniform Shop.
Leave of Absence – A new leave of absence guidance letter and request form are now available
Curriculum: Please see the Curriculum information page for full details
Abacus Maths website –
Policies: School policies for  (1) RE, (2) Attendance, (3)Behaviour,  (4) the charging and remissions policy,  (5) complaints, (6) SEN , (7 ) Medication policy (8) Safeguarding Policy, (9) Promoting British Values  and (10) Allegations against other pupils are now available to view . see below ….
1.  Teaching and Learning Policy 2018
2. Religious Education (RE) Policy 2015
3. Attendance policy 2016
4. Behaviour policy 2019
5. Charging and remissions policy 2014.
6. Complaints policy 2018-19
7. SEND policy 2019
8. Medication policy
9. Safeguarding statement and  Safeguarding Policy – 2019-2020
10. Promoting British values
11. Allegations against other pupils
12. Allegations of abuse against staff and volunteers
These and other published policies are also  available on request from the school office.
Special Educational Needs (SEN):  The document that explains our SEN services in detail and can be read here – SEN provision at St Aloysius’ School. The Equality Objectives and Action plan can be found here – Equality Objectives and Action Plan 2016-2019
After School Club – The Booking forms for our After School Club are listed here—-  ASC booking Spring Term 2018
Pupil Premium: The latest Pupil Premium information is here – Pupil Premium Report 2018-2019.
Sport and PE Premium: See – Sport and PE Premium report 2019.
Ofsted: The latest Ofsted inspection can be found on the Ofsted web site by following this link.
RE report: The latest “Section 48” RE report is available . Click on – St Aloysius’ Section 48 (RE) report
Results:  and  School performance tables : – click on the link to see the school’s latest performance figures from the DfE .. St. Aloysius Catholic Primary School performance tables 2018.
Data protection: The school privacy notice data protection statement is available to view here
Staff list: A full staff list with class information is available here.