Attendance and Absence Reporting

Government changes in legislation (effective from 2013) mean that it is no longer possible for school to authorise ANY holiday absence during term time. Any form of leave during term time can now only be granted where there are exceptional or extenuating circumstances. Where permission is not granted, leave will be recorded as unauthorised. In the case of repeated periods of unauthorised absence parents will be contacted and asked to come in to school for a meeting with the Headteacher. If necessary, the County Attendance Team may also be contacted. In exceptional circumstances a child’s school place may be withdrawn. Requests for absence forms must be completed and signed by the Headteacher before an absence can be authorised. You may be asked to an interview with the Headteacher to discuss your child’s planned absence.

Leave of Absence Form

In some instances, the cumulative effect of absence can have serious implications with regard to progress and levels achieved. All absences, both authorised and unauthorised will be recorded and reported to parents in July of each year.

In the event of any absence from school, parents should contact the School Office as soon as possible giving the reason for absence and an approximate estimation of how long the absence is likely to last. This can be done by e-mail, telephone (01865 311056), Schoolcomms or by sending in a note
to school. Please continue to report absences daily. We will telephone parents if their child’s absence has not been explained.

When your child has had a stomach upset and sickness it is important that you allow a period of at least 48 hours to elapse after the sickness has finished before sending him/her back to school. This will help to prevent the infection spreading unnecessarily to others in the school.