This page provides information about the Governing Body of St Aloysius’ Catholic Primary school. (There is a lot of information on this page please “scroll down” to see all the sections).


The Full Governing Body  includes 8 foundation governors, 2 elected parent governors, 1 Local Authority appointed  governor , 2 staff governors and the Headteacher.

– See the Governor List for a list of current governors

– The latest declarations for governors are here – governor declaration of interests 2017


Governors are volunteers. Parent governors  are elected by parents, Foundation governors appointed by the Diocese in concorde with the Parish priest, Staff governors are proposed by staff and appointed by the headteacher

The Governing Body has a strategic role.  As agent of accountability, on behalf of the Catholic community and the community of the school, the governing body decides what it wants the school to achieve, in order to secure its mission, and sets the framework for making sure those intentions are realised.” – (Source: Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham, governor code of practice).*

The Department for Education has this to say about the role of school governors

In all types of schools, governing bodies should have a strong focus on three core  strategic functions:

a. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
b. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the  school and its pupils and the performance management of staff; and
c. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its
money is well spent. – (Source “Governors Handbook” January 2015)*


The Full Governing Body of St Aloysius’ Catholic Primary school consists of 14 governors. It operates via an Instrument of government which is documented here.

The Governing Body delegates other functions to standing committees. These are ..

other committees are convened as and when necessary..

  • Admissions appeals
  • Complaints
  • Discipline (personnel)
  • recruitment (Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher)


The full governing body meets normally meets 4 times a year with an additional 5th meeting to approve the annual budget.

The resources and school improvement committees meet 6 times a year.

The performance management and pay committee meet annually and the admissions committee will meet at least three times to handle the admissions process (Other committees meet as and when necessary).

The Chair, Vice Chair , committee Chairs and Officers  are  nominated , seconded and elected annually by the Full Governing Body at the September Full governing Body meeting. The membership  of the committees are also reviewed and agreed at the September Full Governing Body meeting


Dates and times of Governing body and committee meetings are advertised via the school Newsletter.

The minutes of Full governing Body, Resources and School Improvement  Committee meetings are public documents and published  minutes are available on request from the school office.[ Sometimes separate  confidential minutes are required. E.G. for admissions, admissions appeals, staff discipline, staff performance management and personnel where individual staff can be identified from the minutes. Confidential minutes are not available outside of the governing body but the existence of confidential items are listed in the public minutes.]

Each year the governors invite parents and carers to attend the Parent Governor Meeting (PGM).  It is not a requirement to hold such a meeting but the governors and staff at St Aloysius’ have always valued the opportunity to communicate with and get feedback from parents and carers. The PGM is an excellent forum for governors , staff and parents to have their say and show their support for the school , for each other and for our Mission as a Catholic school.

The Governors have a noticeboard in the school (near the Kitchen). Governors also use Parentmail and the Newsletter to send and request information. Each year we provide a pupil and a parent questionnaire , based on an Ofsted questionnaire to gain valuable feedback. School governors communicate with pupils via the School Council.

Governors can be contacted via the School Office – see the “Contact us” page for details


School governors are responsible for the strategic management of a Voluntary Aided  school. The Full Governing Body has corporate responsibility and is held to account by the Board of Trustees of the Archdiocese of Birmingham and the Local Authority  (Oxfordshire County Council).

Ofsted measure the effectiveness of governance as part of their scrutiny of Leadership and Management. (You can find a link to the Ofsted reports for the school on the School Information page)

All Governors are expected to be a representative of the community from which they are elected or appointed.  They are representatives “of” and not representatives “for” that community.

*[The Archdiocese of Birmingham Education Service has published a document  that provides a detailed description of governance of a Catholic school. This document is an excellent explanation of the role of a governing body in a Catholic school,  see “Governance matters” .  The Department for Education has detailed information and guidance for governors on its website, see – DfE Governance.  Additionally The book  “Christ at the Centre” published originally by the Archdiocese of Birmingham and now available in revised for from the CTS, provides an excellent explanation of why the Church provides Catholic Schools [NB This is a large document at 5.7MB and may take some time to load). ]