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This page contains snapshots of school life at St Aloysius’ . Words and Pictures that show what we do and how. Visit regularly to see what we are learning and what we are doing.
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2016-2017 Term 3 – Science Day 2017

2016-17 Term 1 – More news from Year 6 at Kingswood :

We continue to have a lovely time and (thank goodness) lovely weather! Yesterday we had a busy day involving team building and problem solving challenges and a go on the zip wire! All the children really enjoyed the zip wire – even those that were nervous to climb up the tower. Particular congratulations to Thomas for tackling his fear of ladders and Julia Goncalves for having such enthusiasm! Photograph attached.

After a lovely hot lunch, we spent the afternoon at the beach rock pooling, chalk face painting and sand sculpting. The children found a few angry crabs (who were probably fed up of being scooped in to nets) and an injured fish which we carefully moved to a much larger pool. Roula had a particularly keen eye for spotting shrimps in the rock pools and Giulia showed artistic flair chalk painting my face! The winning sand sculpture was a beautiful sand mermaid.

After the beach trip, the children had a trip to the shop where they bought plenty of souvenirs and sweets (!) We completed the day with a disco where Francesca, Benedict, Jim and Luke showed off some particularly smooth moves!

I will try and make a disc of photos for all the children when we return!

Some post arrived today and the children are very excited to receive news from the mainland!

Miss Joyce.


 News from Year 6 at Kingswood.  Two picture galleries are available of goings on  at Kingswood .. They include pictures like these



You can see all the pictures by clicking on the links below …
kingswood-1-october-2016 and kingswood-2-october-2016
2016 – Term 5 – SCIENCE DAY – Another fantastic day for St. Aloysius’ School! All children carried out investigations on the topic or what materials would be ‘best’ for absorbing liquids. EYFS and Tigger had a ‘naughty pup’ to clear up after, while LKS2 and UKS2 considered how the claims made in adverts relating to paper towels stood up to their scientific investigation skills. Having randomly visited all classes during the morning, it was lovely to see all the children engaged and enthusiastic in their scientific endeavours. The standard of Science Projects which the children had undertaken was very high and they have investigated an amazing range of questions (although many seemed to involve, coke, Mentos and chocolate. Highlights included amazing photos of a model Archmedes Screw being used to drain a ditch and bicarbonate of soda and vinegar being used to power rockets. Congratulations to all our budding young scientists and to the staff for making this a memorable, enjoyable and highly educational day!
2015 Term 2 – Tigger Class – The Tiggers returned from the half-term break to their freshly refurbished classroom and toilets and they immediately set about counting all the changes they could find. There were a great deal to count and we soon became our own genuine spot the difference picture!
2015  Term 1 – Bay Class  This week in Bay Class we have been designing our own African masks inspired by animals. We have also cooked an African feast – chicken jollof rice and African lime cake – it was delicious.
2015 Term 5 –
Kilvrough blog – part 6 – Friday.. The Kilvrough Crew are on their way home! They left Kilvrough on time (3.00pm) after a full morning’s activities and lunch.  They are due to arrive in Oxford at 7.00pm. If that changes significantly or if they are delayed by more than half an hour, we will text you via ParentMail.  Please keep your mobile phones with you and notify other parents should this occur.
Kilvrough blog part 5 Thursday ... The children have had a full and challenging day today as we all tried caving. They all looked stunning in their caving suits and wellies. The two groups took slightly different routes and will be able to tell you about the underground challenges that included The Mouse hole, The Letter Box and The Toilet! Tomorrow is our coastal exploration day and if the weather continues to be as fair as it has been so far, it should be a great finish to our trip.See you all tomorrow evening! The Kilvrough Crew
Kilvrough blog Part 4 Wednesday … After a great night’s sleep, the children have spent their day down on the beautiful Welsh coast learning the skills of climbing, abseiling and coastal clambering. They all really pushed themselves in terms of effort, courage and supporting each other. All the children had the chance to develop their rope skills, judgement, perseverance and were willing to try challenges  – and the sun stayed shining all day!   Again, it has been an absolute delight to see them all growing together in skills and confidence. There is much excitement about the prospect of lasagne and garlic bread for dinner (they are all building up their appetites playing and exploring in the grounds at the moment) before we go on to our evening activity of team problem solving and, I’m certain, another good night’s sleep after our busy day. Tomorrow we will be able to apply some of today’s clambering and teamwork skills as we try out caving. Another update tomorrow… The Kilvrough Crew!!
Kilvrough blog part 3 Tuesday … Our groups had a wonderful day today tackling canoeing on the canal. The weather behaved for us and the children picked up paddling skills, working on their communication and cooperation. Some really impressive skill-building happened alongside huge amounts of fun and enjoyment in the company of others – our group even had a sing-song in their canoes! We are now back at the centre where the children are taking some free time – sharing stories about their day, romping around the grounds and enjoying some late sunshine – before dinner. Then our challenge is to try orienteering around the grounds of Kilvrough Manor. Tomorrow we will be climbing and abseiling which I’m sure will continue to develop all the team skills that the children are beginning to show in all the activities. Another update tomorrow…. The Kilvrough Crew!
…Kilvrough blog part 2 … Kilvrough Update From Mrs. Howe. Everybody safe and well. We arrived to sunshine and a very welcome lunch. Having set up the rooms and after a few duvet tangles, we set off in our groups to take part in team building activities. Children have clambered, jumped and raced already and look set to have a great day in our canoes on the canal tomorrow! Will let you all know how it goes. –The Kilvrough Crew. ps we have just spoken to Mrs. Howe and she says that the children all had a good night and are very much looking forward to canoeing today. The weather is sunny! Mr. Murphy will be carrying out a room inspection later on today…
Kilvrough Blog part 1 … Just to let you know that they have all arrived safe and sound at Kilvrough.  The sun is shining and they are starting their unpacking …More news later.
2015 Term 5 – Tigger Class – This week we have started this term’s topic, Growth and Change. We have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk and have worked in small groups to plant our own broad bean seeds.
2015 Term 4 – Young Art Oxford – This year YAO had an overwhelming 3,200 pictures submitted and the judges have had a wonderful time choosing the 520 pictures to be hung at the Ashmolean. The following children from St. Aloysius’ have been selected; Conrad Sondai, Ema Portocarrero, Emily Ruhs, Carolyn Ertl, Sofia Sordo, Kemar Nunes, Mary Harrington, Benedict Green, Edward Thomas, Katie Azzopardi, Alex Hertog, Kinga Wacinska, James Garbutt, Lucia Krah, Lev Kucan, Frances Watt, Linos Ligoxygakis, Davey Chataway, Leo Hughes, Zahra Abbasi, Matei Duta, Tia Roy, Jose Villarroel, Nicolo Ascari and Eilidh Melville. Special congratulations go to Kiran Venugopal who won first prize in the Year 5 & 6 category. Well done to everyone who entered.
2015 Term 4 – Partial Solar Eclipse – A big thank you to Dr. Hutchings for her tremendous effort this week in managing to set up lunar eclipse viewers for the older children. Despite partial cloud all the Year 5 & 6 pupils were able to view the event safely.  (click on each small picture to see the full size version).
IMG_0039 IMG_0032 IMG_0045
2015 Term 4 – Fir Class – Fir Class have been learning about halves and quarters in Maths. We used folding and colouring in shapes to help us understand how fractions work. In Literacy we have been reading and writing about the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker. We drew our own pictures of our favourite bits and then put a sequence of pictures in order and wrote sentences about them. On Wednesday we did a role-play to enhance our comprehension of the characters.
2015 Term 4 – World Book day- Have a look at the gallery of photographs from World Book Day 2015 by following the following link .. Click on the picture to go to the gallery.

World Book Day Gallery

2015 Term 4 Fig Class – We enjoyed a brilliant trip to the Banbury Museum on Tuesday. The children really enjoyed themselves and were a pleasure to take out for the day. They made their own thaumatropes and looked at many toys from the Victorian era.
2015 Term 3 – Bay Class – Our William Morris printing is nearly finished and it all looks rather splendid. If we have time on Friday we’ll bring some home. We have been planning and using drama to develop a creative story about ‘Smith’ being chased through the streets of London, being chased by the ‘men in brown’. We also did some research on the plight of women working in Victorian match factories and contrasted it to the glossy advertisements of the period.
2015 Term 3 – Cross Country Report – Despite the best efforts of hail, rain, freezing wind and slippy conditions to dampen our sporting spirit, 32 children from Years 4 & 6 pulled off a fantastic team effort at the Level 2 Primary Cross Country inter-school event last week. Year 4 showed real staying power and team spirit with every single member of the team completing the course…
2015 Term 3 Fig Class – This week Fig class have been learning how to use the ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’ signs which they mastered quickly. They have been learning how to round a number up or down to the nearest 10….
2015 Term 3 – A snowy scene at School  just before the Snow melted  (click on the thumbnail to see the full size image)


2015 Term 3 – Bay Class – The children have done a marvellous job learning about fractions and we are now moving on to decimals. As part of our persuasive writing we are drafting a letter to the local council asking them to fix the puddle that regularly obstructs the pedestrian crossing outside the school.
2015 Term 3 – Willow Class – The highlight of the class’ week was going to the John Radcliff Hospital for a morning of IMPs (Injuries Minimisation Programme) where children learnt how to perform CPR and how to use an AED. They also went to the accident department to understand X-rays, different ways of attending to breaks in bones and cuts. They also watched DVDs, which looked at how to deal with burns, choking and cuts.
2015 – Term 3 – Yew Class – In Yew Class we have written newspaper reports and designed posters to persuade a Victorian Government to improve the sewer systems!
2014 – Term 2 – Oak Class – It has been a busy week in Oak Class finishing lots of pieces of work interspersed with rehearsing our Christmas play. In maths we have been working in groups on either addition and subtraction calculations or multiplication and division calculations. We are beginning to understand that they are opposite operations and ‘undo’ each other.
2014 – Term 2 – Tigger Class – We have been talking about Advent and the different ways we get ready for exciting events. The children have all worked together to make a class Advent wreath and have been on prayer walks around the school grounds.
2014 – Term 2 – Willow Class –  Miss O’Reilly continued to inspire and motivate the class as they reflected on the impact of music upon different film clips, which included ET, Henry V and Star Wars V. They had to consider the effect and type of pace, tempo and instruments involved in this activity. They said they had learnt a lot especially that all movies begin as total (apart from speaking and general sound) silent movies.
2014 – Term 2 – Fir Class – Fir Class has been learning about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot this week. We looked at videos of fireworks displays and created a bank of sounds and words to be used later to write a poem. In Maths we have learnt that doubling is an addition. We played a range of games to help us remember doubles of different numbers.
2014 – Term 1 – Willow Class – Yenworthy “Blog” – “Surfs up” and “in the woods” – The following gallery of photos is from day two …
(Click on the thumbnail pictures to see the full size image)



2014 Term 1- Willow Class – Yenworthy “Blog” – Day  two continued … We had some good weather, especially for those who went surfing. The group all managed skills of standing on their boards and gliding very elegantly and stylishly through the surf to the edge of the beach. The photographs of smiles, sea spray and blue skies are evidence of a very positive time. The moorland expedition turned out to be a real alternative experience. We came to a memorial to Richard Doddridge Blackmore who wrote Lorna Doone and the group enjoyed listening to a synopsis of the story – it is quite scary but captivating. The group explored the wonders of foraging for food – hawthorn berries were chewed – tastes like an apple, sedge grass tasted of air, foxgloves were avoided! A strange highlight was wild swimming in a cold stream pool. It was exceedingly cold but totally unique experience leaving the group feeling very exhilarated and jubilant! We climbed up through a rocky mountain stream and enjoyed a lovely picnic. A wooded area provided a perfect location for making a fire from sticks and steel flint striking tool, we toasted marshmallows and nibbled away on this treat.The food is excellent here – all plates cleared up every time. Children have been busy doing orienteering around the centre before enjoying time to write home and quiet read as they settle for time to sleep in preparation for their third day of activities. Pauline Brookes and the Yenworthy Team!
2014 Term 1- Willow Class – Yenworthy “Blog” – Day  two … Good sleep all round and getting set for day of surfing and moorland adventure – moor details to follow!  Lorna Doone here we come. Pauline Brookes and the Yenworthy Team!
2014 Term 1- Willow Class – Yenworthy “Blog” – Day one… We arrived after driving through the rain! Settled and sorted into our rooms. We learnt about rules and routines but mainly our goals of sharing and caring, communicating, listening and taking risks – trying out new activities. The first activity comprised of a number of rope courses, which encouraged communication and co-operation. The photos will reveal how well we all performed. Our first meal was Spaghetti Bolognese followed by rice pudding and jam – no complaints and empty plates and bowls all round! The day was not over. We were lead out onto Exmoor, where we could see across the Bristol Channel to Cardiff and Swansea. A thin strip of red sky foretold of the possibility of some good weather for Tuesday. We learnt about how Yenworthy Lodge was a previous venue for famous poets such as William Wordsworth and Coleridge. An inspiration for us all. We then had a unique experience as we went through a ceremony originally played out by North American Indians as they came of age, ‘The Veil of Silence’. We lay on our backs (in waterproofs!) and remained silent looking up at a clouded dark sky with just the sound of the wind blowing through the grass. The group were complimented on sustaining silence for so long. On our return to the centre we settled down to view photos of our experiences so far sipping delicious hot chocolate made by Miss Fry. As I write this we are now settling for silent read before lights out, sleep as we recharge our batteries ready for tomorrow’s adventures. Pauline Brookes and the Yenworthy Team!
2014 Term 1 -Tigger Class – We have continued our People Who Help Us topic and the children were interested to know more about lifeguards, so we’ve been learning all about their important job and how we can keep safe around water. In literacy, we have been reading Commotion in the Ocean and making up our own rhymes about sea creatures, as well as creating a wonderful large-scale painting of the sea including drawings of many of the animals from the book.
2014 Term 1 – Ash Class – This week we have been looking at regular and irregular polygons in Maths. We’ve learnt about the properties of different shapes and have been playing some fun shape games on the interactive whiteboard. In Art, we have been drawing Anglo Saxon patterns. In ICT, we have been examining programming scripts using Scratch, making a
crab open and close his claws!
2014 Term 1 – Tigger Class – We have started our All About Me topic this week and are looking at our bodies, in particular thinking about how we use our senses. We have read Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? and the children have all been on ‘sound walks’ around the school
2014 Term 1 – Royal Visit! – The highpoint of this week was attending the opening of the Dickson Poon China Centre at St Hugh’s last Monday with 30 pupils from school. As you are no doubt aware, Prince William was in attendance and he met Beth Barton from Year 1! The announcement of the Duchess’ pregnancy earlier in the day added an extra boost to the media frenzy but our children took it all in their stride. Beth and the other girls and boys were a credit to St. Aloysius’.
(Picture – John cairns)


(Picture courtesy of the Oxford Mail)
(Picture Courtesy of the Oxford Mail)
2014 Term 6 – Oak Class – In Oak Class there has been lots of sawing, gluing and testing how fast and straight our cars travel in preparation for the car race on Tuesday afternoon. We have found that testing and improving the cars has been more difficult and frustrating than building them…
2014 Term 6 – Ash and Yew Class – The Kilvrough BLOG…20/6/2014  The main triumph of the day was to persuade Mrs Kempton into a cave and cajole her successfully through and out again. The children were less fearful and soon revelling in crawling along water filled tunnels and squeezing through the letterbox. The canoers learnt how to paddle a canoe, dance and sing whilst standing in a canoe, jump into a canal fully clothed and identify water boatmen and newts. We DID manage to stream the football match – which was noisy and traumatic. We are now attempting to PACK!!!!!! before going to the beach.
2014 Term 6 – Ash and Yew Class – The Kilvrough BLOG…19/06/2014  We all had a fabulous day in the blazing sunshine. Some scrambling over boulders, climbing up and abseiling down rock faces, others mastering the art of paddling a Canadian canoe in a straight line. Millie Kempton, who had obviously missed out on the Native American expertise of last term, proved to be more of a liability than a help to her crew. They did better once she had left the boat! This evening the children have used maps to locate habitats and complete a scavenger hunt and now are settling down to a DVD and a cup of cocoa. All well, happy and tired.
2014 Term 6 – Ash and Yew Class – The Kilvrough BLOG…18/06/2014  Today 2 groups went caving and 2 climbing. The cavers set off with mixed feelings about the dark, the damp and the tight spaces. They were not disappointed! Scrambling along rocky tunnels, wading through underwater rivers, and posting each other through the famous ‘letterbox’ was a challenge, and all succeeded with an enormous sense of pride. Coming out of the darkness into the hot sunshine was quite a shock. The climbers started by scrambling over boulders on the beach and then on harder rocky outcrops, getting used to finding their balance on the rocks whilst wearing all the equipment. After a picnic lunch in the blazing sun (which had narrowly missed being eaten by ravens), everyone went rock pooling. They found crabs, anemones, bits of crabs, limpets and barnacles and then climbed up and abseiled down a small rock face. Everyone managed triumphantly! Now, after racing round the garden orienteering, all are in bed, and nearly asleep.
2014 Term 6 – Ash and Yew Class – The Kilvrough BLOG…17/06/24 : We all arrived safely, lugged bags to bedrooms, wrestled with duvet covers and sheets, wandered about holding bundles of clothes and looking for pegs and eventually found our way into groups A,B,C and D. An afternoon spent tightrope walking and negotiating rope bridges, problem solving and team building set the children thinking. Perhaps some people (girls???) were better at rope courses than others (boys??) had realised? To fill a drainpipe with water whilst simultaneously blocking up holes is impossible without cooperation? The person who shouts the loudest is not necessarily the person with the best idea? By the evening everyone was hungry, happy and tired. Now the girls are all in bed with the lights out (although there seem to be an array of dazzling torches that it would be a shame not to try out). The boys? Well, they are on their way to lights out. A little more organisationally challenged – “Where did I put my toothbrush? In the barn?”, “I haven’t got a towel, but guess what? If I stand under the hand drier thingy it works just as well!”

an amazing assembly about the Romans before doing a quick change and filling us in on all the things they did at Hill End (including the water fight).

2014 Term 5 Week 5 Tigger Class – The Tiggers have become storytellers this week, learning some actions and signs to help them tell the story of The Enormous Turnip. They have helped create a display in the classroom with photographs and story maps, and they are all very keen to take turns to ‘be the teacher’ and lead the storytelling sessions! In
2014 Term 5 Week 4 Bay Class – Bay Class has been exploring the county of Kent for a travel
brochure. The work is linked to the setting of the class book Great
2014 Term 5 week 3 Willow Class – This week in Willow Class we have combined our learning about the Tudors with our story theme of Time Travel. The children have taken on the role of Time Travellers, and have designed leaflets that advertise Time Travelling – specifically back to the Tudor era. The children planned their work, carefully considering features of a good advertising leaflet before showing off their ICT skills using MicrosoftPublisher.
 2014 Term5 week 2 -Yew Class – In Yew Class we are enjoying our book Millions and have become rather interested in Patron Saints as a result. We have discovered that St. Matthew is the patron saint of money and St. Giles is the patron saint of hermitages.
2014 Term 5 week 1 – Tigger Class – We have been thinking about friendships this week and talking about the two friends in the book Lost and Found. The children have been enjoying making up role-play from the story, such as packing suitcases and rowing to the South Pole! We have also been looking at properties of 2D shapes and seeing where we can find lots of different shapes hiding around the classroom.
2014 Term 4 week 5 -Willow Cla-ss began their week by reflecting on their trip  to the JR hospital from last week as they learnt about First Aid  procedures, avoiding accidents, use of AEDs, examining heart monitors  and looking at a range of ways cuts are sewn or stripped together. It  formed the basis of lengthy reports where they revealed not only the  facts but also their emotional responses. They were pleased to share
written pieces.
2014 Term 4 week 4 – National Brain Aware Week –  Ash and Yew classes had the amazing opportunity this week to join in activities at The Dept of Experimental Psychology as part of the culmination of ‘Brain Aware Week’. The children all made a brain hat which they then wore for the rest of the day although walking back through the University Parks resulted in various brains being blown away! The psychology students spoke to the classes about the function of the different parts of their brain and showed them how to make neurones out of different coloured plasticine. Following these activities, the children went in small groups to look at images of the different shapes of brain waves that are created depending on what activity your brain is telling your body to do, these were shown on a computer and were being transmitted from sensors that were stuck on a student’s head. Then they operated a magnet that could be moved across certain sections of your head and this resulted in an involuntary arm movement and finally they heard the sound and saw images of brains from a MRI scanner.
2014 Term 4 week 1 ~Oak Class – Oak Class have been looking at the environment and the impact of waste. The children have been very excited by this topic and are monitoring the rubbish that accumulates daily on the playground and are considering how we can reduce it. In Maths we have been looking at 3D shapes and describing their properties using the words faces, edges and vertices.
2014 Term 3 week 6 ~ Willow Class – Willow Class were busy playing a public role this week. A group of 14 children welcomed the school to an assembly by helping present a PowerPoint about the Epiphany and showing how we bring our gifts and talents to others by supporting charities such as CAFOD. The class also prepared for the recent school Mass with just 2 days to be ready.
2014 Term3 week 3 – Mass Of Inscription – Children who are to make their Confession, Communion and Confirmation from Ash and Bay Classes attended a special Mass at The Oratory on Wednesday evening. Parents promised to support children in their preparation to receive the sacraments of Communion and Confirmation. Children also agreed to work hard at these sessions. Fr. Daniel and Fr. Anton lead this peaceful Mass. The homily reflected on the reading of David and Goliath – how the little shepherd boy over comes the giant. The message reminded us that we have to be courageous when dealing with difficulties and challenges. We pray for our children as they begin their time with Fr. Daniel in these sessions.
2014 Term 3 week 3 – Oak Class – In Science we have been looking at how food travels through our body and learning the names of parts of our digestive system. In English we have been writing instructions to make the “Drink Me” potion from Alice In Wonderland. In our topic lessons, we have continued to look at the 7 continents of the World, in particular Asia this week. We will be learning to dance Bollywood style next week!
2014 Term 3 Week 2 – Tigger Class – We have been thinking about what we got for Christmas and wrote about ways in which we can try to be more helpful this new year (new years resolutions). We have started looking at subtraction and we enjoyed using bears to aid this learning. In art we are looking at making our own characters for stories, using the description of the Gruffalo as an idea!
2013 Term 2 Week 6 – Tigger Class – We have been learning more about the Christmas nativity- using the songs to understand the true meaning! We enjoyed making paper decorations and snow flakes, concentrating on our scissor control.
2013 Term 2 week 5 –  Ash Class – Ash Class have been working hard to understand fractions but not just of shapes but as mixed numbers too! We have been putting the final touches to our Ashmolean presentations for Friday and we have completed our puppets and written instructions on how we made them. Ash Class had a great time watching a real puppet show on Thursday afternoon.
2013 Term 2 Week 4 – On Monday in assembly we listened to a selection of drummers from across the school. There were some ‘rock solid’ beats and skilful ‘fills’ and a great showing from the girls – female drummers are a rare breed so keep up the practise! Thank you to Elaine our drum tutor for putting on such a great show and for nurturing this talent. – Mr Walker
2013 Term 2 Week 3 Fig Class – This week Fig Class enjoyed a brilliant trip to the Swindon STEAM museum – they learnt about the beginnings of the railways and how the route from London to Bristol was planned and built. In Maths the children have been doubling and halving and checking their strategies. In DT the children have begun to plan and make their vehicles (thanks for all the cereal boxes!)
2013 Term 2 Week 2 – Tigger Class – This week we continued our adding, making up our own adding examples. We have been learning about the moon and some children drew what the moon looked like at night. We have started writing the sounds that we can hear in words and we looked at our achievements and things we want to get better at.
2013 Term 2 Week 1 – Fig Class – This week Fig Class have been presenting their outstanding pieces of half-term homework to the rest if the class. They really have enjoyed learning about trains and railways. In Maths the children have been revising the months and seasons of the year and checking that they can find pairs of 2-digit numbers that add to 100 (using lots of equipment like 100 squares and cubes).
2013 Term 1 Week 8 –  Ash Class assembly – We rounded off term 1 with a lovely assembly from Ash Class yesterday. They have been studying ‘The Tempest’ and were brim full of Shakespearian attitude following their very successful visit to The Globe theatre on Tuesday. Thank you to Mrs. Kempton for organising the trip which really helped bring the theatre alive for the children.
2013 Term 1 Week 7 – Yew Class – Yew Class had adapted well to the temporary teacher, Mrs. Nelson, and been very helpful in welcoming her to school! We have done some excellent pictogram work in maths, painted portraits of Shakespeare, prior to our trip to The Globe on Tuesday and begun practising non-chronological report writing.
2013 Term 1 Week 6 – ECO Green Award– St. Aloysius have been awarded the Green Hub School Award -Outstanding Achievement for inspiring our children, actively cutting carbon on site and working with our community. We would like to thank Mrs. Kempton for all her hard work driving this green initiative.
2013 Term 1 Week 5 – Tigger Class – We made mathematical potions with Winnie The Witch as she needed help recognising numbers and counting. We played phonics games with the sounds that we have covered and we went to our first school Mass and listened well.
2013 Term 1 week 4 – Willow class – Science Oxford – Last Thursday Willow Class enjoyed a day of Science with Science Oxford. They used observation to help them deduce which type of chocolate had been used to make ‘geologist’ core samples. Considered how maths is used in science (whilst eating chocolate) and investigated the viscosity of tomato sauce so that they could advise on which variety would reduce splattering on clothes. This week we will ‘look’ at shadows and how our eyes work.
2013 Term 1 week 2 – Bay Class review of the week – Bay Class – In Science this week we have started our topic on the Earth, Sun and Moon, by the class debating whether the Earth is flat or ‘spherical’. The children took turns to say why they ‘believed’ it to be a certain shape and then evaluated the evidence. The debate was very lively and we learnt that “because my dad said” was not necessarily a strong piece of evidence! Others suggested that pictures taken from space proved that the earth is ‘spherical’ but this was refuted with the flat-earthers pointing out that the pictures were 2D and that the evidence was “just-shading”!
 2013 Term 6 week 6– Cadbury World.  – Oak and Elm Classes set out early on Wednesday for the long awaited trip to Cadbury World. After a comfortable journey set to the backdrop of the latest Willy Wonka film; the children arrived raring to go. First up was an hour long talk about the cocoa farmers in Ghana entitled ‘From Bean to Bar’. The children also learnt about the power of advertising as they were tested on the brands that they could recognise from just a snippet of the logo! Next the children were led around the exhibition moving from the Aztecs through to the arrival of cocoa in Europe and then Mr. Cadbury starting his small chocolate shop in London. A tour around the factory followed where the children were able to write their name in chocolate and learn about the science behind tempered chocolate. The day finished with the children being allowed to create their own chocolate treats and eat them! It was a pleasure to take such well behaved and enthusiastic children out for the day. They really enjoyed themselves! Well done Year 3!
2013 Term 6 week 5 – Hill End – I have been enjoying a few days away from the desk at Hill End with Ash Class. The children had a wonderful time exploring the great outdoors. Miss Bellamy managed to come off worst in the water fight and everyone survived the ‘very long’ walk through Wytham Woods. The children have been impeccably behaved meeting all their personal challenges head on. A very big thank you to Miss Bellamy, Mrs Vermeulen and Mrs McIntyre for all the organising and catering – Mr Walker.
2013 Term 6 Week 4 – Fir Class Assembly  – Bees! – The topic of the Fir Class assembly was bees. The children showed us some types of bees and their life cycle. They sang a song about bees collecting nectar from plants. The children told us there are lots of bees in the world and some bees don’t sting. We now know we must look after our bee population.
2013 Term 6 Week 3 – Festival of voices – Yew Class have had a busy week, the highlight of which was the Festival of Voices on Tuesday evening where they sang their hearts out with 250 other children at Dorchester Abbey – Yew class
2013 Term 6 Week 3 – Cycling Proficiency –  Our Year 6 children all passed their Cycling Proficiency test this week. This is a real achievement and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank our parent instructors, Pany Ligoxygakis, Siobhan Foley, Kate Le Fevre and Katherine Casey. – Mr Walker
2013 Term 6 Week 2 – Tigger Class – This week we have continued our work on money and have made Father’s Day cards (shhhh)! We have been doing some independent writing about what we see at the bottom of the ocean – there were some fantastic descriptions.
2013 Term 6 Week 1  Oxford Botanic Garden Visit – . This week Bay Class visited the Oxford Botanic Gardens as part of learning about plant life cycles in science. The children spent time understanding pollination, germination, plant life cycles and seed dispersal. We walked around the gardens and visited the hothouses. The Gardens run a competition for the school with the greenest lunch (least waste). We did not win but did well – we had only 7.5g of waste per person. We also walked to and from the gardens (so were pretty “green”). Thank-you for your donations, we contributed £66.00 to the Oxford Botanic Garden Trust. – Bay Class.
2013 Term 5 week 6  Walk to School Week – This week has been Walk to School Week. The highlight of which was our walking bus. We started at Cutteslowe where I met Tiago and his Mum who were the first passengers! The numbers gradually increased led by 2 very excited little girls from Tigger Class. By the time we reached Bainton Road we were about 20 children and lots of parents. At this point some of the children were obviously so desperate to get to school that they pressed their accelerators and started running! Everyone arrived in high spirits with talk of the event being repeated again but organised by parents. Thank you to all who joined in and I hope to see some of you walking to school again. Finally a big thank you to Ms Selway for organising the coffee and croissants which were much appreciated. – Mrs kempton
2013 Term 5 Week 5 
**NEW** Review of the week.  (As requested by parents).  Below are excerpts from this weeks newsletter. 
 Willow class
A big well done to the Year 6 pupils who set about their Key
Stage 2 SATS with such maturity this week. I had to sit in and invigilate
the Level 6 SATS papers on Thursday – Mr Walker
….We celebrated the end of the tests with a superb cake baked
by Lili Casey (Master Baker). Well done to all involved….
Oak class
This week Oak Class have made paper mache balloons for
3D Aztec masks…
Ash class
This week Ash Class have been practising LOTS of tests and
how we can answer questions better. Most of us thought this was really
Yew class
In Yew Class this week we have made advertising posters,
found out how a watermill works…
Elm class
On Tuesday, Elm Class had a class Mass with Fr. Daniel in
The Courtyard. He said his first Mass was 12 years ago. On Wednesday
we had a spring clean in the classroom….
Tigger class
We have been planning our teddy bear picnic, we have
all made a list of the picnic items we need and we have made
invitations for the teddy bears too….
Fir class
This week Fir Class have had a visit from a fire engine,
danced “Where the Wild Things Are” and learnt about bees. The fire
engine “was brilliant” (Lev) …
Bay class
This week we have been learning about Maths. What we did
was probability. We looked at different sentences and put them on a
scale. Some of the sentences were about dice….
For the full story read this weeks newsletter – newsletter 17th May. keep an eye out for the review every week
2013 Term 5 – Tigger class week 4 update
We have been looking at what we need to remember when we write; finger spaces, full stops, saying words slowly to hear sounds, making sentences, imagination, no rushing (ensuring best handwriting). We have also made lots of boards using egg boxes and decorated them. Also, Mr. Mix-It-Up came in and moved all our numbers on our number problem – but we solved it!
2013 Term 5 – Kilvrough Blog
Posted 10:00 Thursday 2nd May – Day 3.  CAVING – This was the most challenging day so far, in so much as quite a few of the children were EXTREMELY reluctant cavers. Those who were gung ho and up for slithering through wet muddy crevices and sqeezing into freezing waterholes, went in the A team. They emerged elated, soaking and triumphant. The B team were more tentative – their main challenge being to ‘overcome their fears’- and without exception, THEY DID!!! Some were dead against even setting foot in the cave and by the end were putting their hands up to go in again. They emerged covered in muddy war paint and hugely proud of themselves. Hot chocolate and cakes all round!!
Posted 11:00 Wednesday 1st May – DAY 2. TODAY was CLIMBING DAY!!  Apart from HAVING FUN and BEING SAFE, the children’s aims were to LISTEN !!( Where have we heard that one before???) and to TRUST EACH OTHER (Not easy if you think you are a superhero and need no help) and to “Climb as high as I can”.
It was a day of sunshine and sea spray, scrambling over rocks to learn how to support and help each other over rough terrain, and eventually rock climbing and abseiling. EVERYONE climbed to the top of the cliff and abseiled down, some of the most intrepid added an extra big MEGA ABSEIL to their achievements. Some people really surpirised themselves by conquering their initial nerves and finding it FUN and EASY!!! The day ended with building sandcastles, looking for crabs and jumping in the sea (some rather surprised that walking boots and salopettes were not as waterproof as wet suits).
All now tucked up in bed, exhausted but happy. A great day.
Posted Tuesday 30th April 11:00am – DAY 1. We all arrived in high spirits to stay in a MANSION!!! “Epic!!” No one was sick on the way. The afternoon was spent ‘TEAMBUILDING’ (some work needed there – “I won! I’m brilliant at this!” “Where’s the rest of your team??”  “What team? Oh, yeah”) and getting to grips with boots, waterproofs, towel lockers, indoor shoes, duvet covers, pillow cases… AT LAST, all are in bed, the lights are out, some are asleep, some are counting sheep, and one or two are planning tomorrow’s assault on the cliffs.
Monday 29th April  2:20pm – The children have all arrived safely, had lunch and are just setting off to explore the local area. Mrs Frith-Powell will e-mail school with a daily report which we will send out via Parentmail.
2013 Term 5 – Science day
Science Day 2013 was its usual fantastic success. Activities were running in every class and the children moved in groups around the key stages – working together with great enthusiasm. Science presentations were given by children from each class at a Science Assembly at the end of the day. Staff noted the fantastic science “terminology” being used by our pupils to talk about their investigations. The contributions to Science Day this year were overwhelming. The staff would like to thank all the children and their parents for the homework projects and their efforts to help make this day such a success. – Mrs Baker
2013 Term 4 – Bay Class Assembly
The end of another very busy week that featured two fantastic assemblies for Years 5 and 6 respectively. Bay Class took us on a tour of all they have learnt about the Second World War. The production included Erwan Tilly doing a fabulous impersonation of Charlie Chaplin impersonating Hitler in the film “The Great Dictator”. It was a really memorable assembly.
2013 Term 4 – Willow Class Assembly 
Willow Class presented their assembly based on their exploration of „where we are in time and place‟ through many different ways. The class have had a very full term making many journeys to various place including IMPS at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Kilvrough and Henley. These were depicted in the assembly through a spectacular gymnastics display; parade of „fashion garments‟ created during Waste Week; the song “The Waters of Babylon” produced a melody and mix which carried a powerful message very effectively; two pupils performed as characters from the past in Henley and individuals shared their favourite moments from Kilvrough. It was a wonderful, very full two terms, reviewed, scripted and directed by Miss Boyd and Miss Calver. A big thank you goes out to these two very conscientious students from Brookes University.
2013-Term 4- Willow Class (Year 6) Wanderings.
IMPS-The children from Willow Class have been very busy. A week ago they visited the John Radcliffe Hospital as part of the IMPS (Injury Minimisation Programme), where they learnt how to treat accidents such as burns; choking; cuts and bleeding. They had practical tasks such as putting an injured person into the ‘recovery’ position and the procedure for resuscitation using plastic models. They became familiar with the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator). They were able to visit the A and E department to explore more about x-rays and heart monitors. They returned safely despite showing at least one plastered finger!
Henley River and Rowing Museum – Willow Class set off on a morning with sub zero temperatures dressed in as a range of characters from the past. They learnt all about the journey and physical features of rivers whilst being on a boat travelling along to regatta route. Miss Boyd delivered a very well informed lesson whilst children were able to discuss other aspects they had learnt during the term. Miss Calver lead the class into the galleries where children presented their ‘character from the past’ in groups. The final hour was spent looking around the galleries and completing an information seeking sheet. It was a wonderful day. Big thanks go to Miss Boyd and Miss Calver for organising it so thoroughly.
2013-Term  4 –  Waster Art and Water Aid 
On Wednesday 13th the children listened to a fascinating assembly from Joe Cilia who promotes the work of ‘Water Aid’ in schools. The theme of water and how we use it linked up very well with our ‘Waste Week’ topic which has involved the children in creating art out of rubbish.
2013 – Term4 – Football vs St Barnabas 
The first match was all Year 3s and it was obvious that St. Aloysius’ were going to dominate the field with their skill and competitiveness. The boys whizzed around the pitch in the spring sunshine and at half-time we were four goals up. The final score was 7-1. All the boys played well, linking passes up the pitch enabling the forwards to score. The second game was a more even mixture of years 3,4,5 boys and 1 talented girl Eve (Year 5). There was one goal scored by the great Italian pairing of the Ascari brothers! Congratulations to you all on a great performance and we are all looking forward to our next fixture. – Also a huge thank-you to Mr. Meakin for refereeing the match.
2013-Term4-7th March-World Book day. 
Thank you for all your work in preparing the children for World Book Day. The school was awash with pirates, princesses, Hagrids and Mary Berry! Staff got to share some of their favourite children’s books with the children and everyone had a fun packed day.
2013 – Term 4 – 27th February – Netball club – St Aloysius’ vs St Barnabas 
On Wednesday the netball club turned out for our first fixture of this term against St. Barnabas. Although it was a chilly afternoon Mr. Walker and Mr. Parry transformed the back playground in to a very professional looking netball court including a spectators area! St. Barnabas’ squad consisted of 13 boys and 1 girl against our 14 girls. 2 matches were played which were fast moving and very competitive but sadly we were just beaten in both. The girls played with enthusiasm and determination showing a great deal of skill in passing the ball. A huge well done to the entire squad.
2013 Term 4 – 26th February – Year 6 Rugby tournament 
Willow Class braved a somewhat damp overcast and freezing morning to take part in a rugby tournament on Tuesday. Their spirits were not dampened though as they ran and tagged as many opponents as possible. Children from Wolvercote and St. Philips and St. James schools played good games. Our eventual position was third – ‘a bronze’ shouts Mrs. Brookes. The class returned with a lot of mud and cheer. We look forward to future opportunities for sporting competitions

like this in the future.

2013 Term 4 – 22nd February – Year 4 Football tournament
The whole of Yew Class performed courageously in sub zero temperatures in the north Oxford schools football tournament on Thursday. The A team were unbeaten, winning against Phil & Jim and St. Barnabas and drawing with Wolvercote. Overall St. Aloysius’ came a creditable third place and played with great spirit and sportsmanship. Well done everyone! (-Mrs Frith-Powell)
2013 Term 4 – 22nd February – Lenten Mass.
The whole school attended the Oratory on Wednesday morning for a Lenten Mass. As usual the older children did a splendid job shepherding the younger children there and back and supporting them during the service. I had the privilege of accompanying the Tiggers on the journey down and can report that I am now fully informed about every digger, dumper truck and crane on the Woodstock Road. Always fascinating to see the world through the eyes of a 4 year old!! (-Mr Walker)
2013 Term 3 – 8th February – Tigger asseembly
Tigger Class gave us a wonderful  assembly yesterday morning sharing all the amazing things they have been learning during the last few weeks. Their joy and enthusiasm for learning is quite infectious and proved to be the perfect way to round off Term 3
2013 Term 3 – 4th February to 8th February – The Kilvrough Blog
morning -7/2/2013  6th February presented our group with a warm, sunny spring like day. Memories of minus degrees centigrade, snow and ice seemed a long time ago. Caving and canoeing groups really benefited from this gift of fine weather. Miss Calver has taken over 200 photos of our abseiling and climbing group. They had great fun exploring a ‘blow hole’ in the rocks and getting sprayed by lots of sea water. Yesterday she had announced that she wished to become a caving instructor – today we guess it may be a professional photographer! All the children were very positive about their day by the sea. The canoeist group learnt their skills and practiced these before taking a journey along the canal. Mrs. Brookes has decided she will not be attempting to qualify for the next Olympic team being sent to Argentina in 2016! She might possibly apply as one of the seniors for the Oxford boat race! They enjoyed the challenges of singing and standing in the canoe and doing special balancing acts. The group continued to help and encourage each other through different tasks. The cavers returned after a very adventurous time in the tunnels and caves beneath the earth. Very pleased to see the sun still shining when they emerged and ready for the delicious meals provided by the centre.
evening – 6/2/2013 –  I have been very moved by the faith of our gathering over the last few days. Hymns such as ‘Rejoice in the Lord’ ring out across rocky cliff faces; an Angelus was said whilst abseiling to the ground. Children gained courage to undertake challenges in caves by reciting to spontaneous prayer. (-Mrs Brookes)
 evening – 6/2/2013  -We have developed a very satisfactory routine of hot chocolate prepared by Miss Boyd and Miss Calver (Mrs. Brookes sent to cookery school!) a treat provided by our two kind and thoughtful students followed by prayer and a quiet read in bed before lights out. It is perfect ensuring a good night’s sleep for all. The evening activities have been very exciting. Willow Class knew the basic skills of orienteering after sessions with Doc. H. during the autumn term. They have enjoyed the extra obstacles found in the grounds and have explored “jungle” type environments armed with torches and maps. Dave, one of the very experienced instructors, took us all on a night time walk through woods where we called to owls and waited for replies a few neighbouring dog barked in response! Initially, a residential taking place in February when nights are long and days are short may cause some anxiety.  However, this was laid to rest after an amazing star gazing session last night. The sky could not have been clearer nor more star filled. Little artificial light provided wonderful scenes.
07:51 6/2/2013…Children having great fun at night times with various orienteering or quiz ‘go and seek’ in the grounds of Kilvrough armed with torches, maps and a cooperative team approach (most of the time)! Children even tried bribing staff! All showered and washed regularly, everyone really likes the facilities here. Pleased to report second good night’s sleep. Tiago appeared last night and his parents enjoyed a mini tour of the manor and were keen to stay and sample all the delights! Ready and geared up for new day. Children surprised at how quickly time flies! (-The Kilvrough crew)
20:00 5/2/2013…The day began with bright sun shine and hustling around for kit for caving, climbing or canoeing. As the cavers drew close to their caving area a snow and hale blizzard took place – children were more interested in their lunches at the time. On our return each group had lots of stories about their adventures. Despite the cold they had all achieved personal goals and enabled each other to do so as well. Canoeing lead to one big splash! All survived and were very cheery and full of excitement. The cavers advised the other groups that a total change of clothes is required. They had climbed through tiny cracks and holes in the underground caverns! The climbing and abseiling had provided their group with a wonderful day with a backdrop of wild waves sweeping up the rock faces and plenty of sun. All achieved the skills needed for ascending and descending. We all look forward to further opportunities to be ‘like explorers’. The day had lots of quotes and unforgettable memories. (-The Kilvrough crew)
12:00 5/2/2013… Abseiling and climbing in the sunshine (picture sent to parents via Parentmail)
09:00 5/2/2013 …We enjoyed a wonderful journey to Kilvrough. Sun shining and children singing ‘Rejoice in the Lord!’. Spirits positive and joyful. Once in situ, we were kept busy following routines and expectations, fighting with duvets and learning the benefits of co-operation to get a comfortable nights rest! We explored the site by working through a series of group problem solving assault courses! All full of laughter. We had worked up an appetite for an evening meal of burgers and chips! Despite a chill in the air we explored the grounds further by torchlight finding out answers to questions with map work. Now all quiet in bed after hot chocolate, prayers and silent reading. We look forward to Tuesday’s adventures!
Greetings. 6.50am and all very silent apart from gusts of wind outside. Wake up call due in just 40 minutes. Day ahead has climbing; caving and kayaking. (-The Kilvrough Crew)
13:10 4/2/2013 …They’ve Arrived – Just to let you know that Willow Class have arrived safe and sound at Kilvrough.  “The beach” they cried in unison as the bus approached Swansea seafront!
2013 Term 3 – Candlemas service
The children participated in a lovely Candlemas Service in school this morning with every pupil processing around the ground floor holding a candle (paper and unlit). We were pleased to welcome Dominican Deacon Gustav who presided at the service and talked to the children about what it means to be a light to others, at home, at school and in the world. Being kind to younger siblings and tidying bedrooms featured highly in ideas about ‘being a light at home’ – will this transfer into action this weekend!!??? (-Mr Walker)
2012 term 2 – Christmas performances and charity collection
We rounded off last term with a series of delightful performances by the children. Our  governors organised a collection for the Oxford Community Emergency Food Bank at the end of each evening performance. This raised a staggering £590.90 – an average of £200.00 per performance! Thank you for your generosity in supporting this important local charity. More information regarding CEF Oxford is on their website –
2012 Term 2 – Yew class Rugby challenge
Last Friday, ten students from Yew Class represented St. Aloysius’ in the mixed Aviva Rugby Tournament held at Cheney School. Our team played extremely well winning two and losing two of their four matches. They played all their games with excellent sportsmanship accepting a few controversial refereeing decisions with good grace.
London Welsh coaches and supporters together with P.E. staff from other schools made the afternoon an excellent learning opportunity on the game and how to work as a team. The day ended with photographs together with Dewi (a red, Welsh dragon) and a variety of goodies for the children and the school. The children behaved beautifully and this was remarked on by other teachers from other schools. My apologies for the late return to school but this was due to traffic and late arrival of the mini-bus. (Doc. H).
2012 Term 2 – Confirmation of Year 6 pupils, leavers from last year  some old friends and others from the Parish.
Congratulations to all those who were confirmed this Monday 19th November at the church of St Aloysius Gonzaga. Father Joseph has written his own message to all who were confirmed on the Becoming Saints page.
2012 Term 2 – Interschool Athletics Competition
Those of Willow Class who did not attend the orchestra day last Friday yomped to the Ferry Centre to attend an Interschool Athletics Competition organised by The Cherwell School.  Some pupils were initially apprehensive but soon found themselves absorbed in participating and encouraging their classmates. Our moral rose as we achieved great results in both individual and group events. It was lovely to see the class work together and discuss ways to ensure that each student made an important contribution to the effort. At the end of the day, we were delighted to find that although the results were close, St. Aloysius’ had pipped New Marston and teams from St. Phillip and St. James to the post. As we walked back to school the chant ‘Everybody wishes, they’re St. Aloysius’ could be heard ringing down the roads. I would also like to mention that the behaviour of our Team and their sportsmanship was a credit to our school! (- Mrs Hutchins)
2012 Term 2 – Yew Class trip to Henley River and Rowing museum
In the museum we saw; canoes, river boats and even boats that had been used in the Olympic games. Then we went on a walk by the river and it was FANTASTIC! We learnt a lot of geography by reading and listening, we even sang songs to remember. We had a lot of fun! (-Yew Class pupils. )
2012 Term 2 – Bay Class trip to Greenwich Observatory
On Monday, Year 5 children had a fantastic day trip to the Greenwich Royal Observatory. They beheld the wonders of “the earth and beyond” in the reclining seats of the Planetarium. They were treated to a question and answer session by a specialist at the Observatory and this was followed by practical demonstrations of the relative sizes of the sun, moon and Earth using a tellurium. The children really enjoyed this most informative day.  (- Mrs Baker)
2012 Term 2 – Headington Orchestra day
Well done to all those children who attended the Headington School Orchestra Day. All the children had a very productive and enjoyable day, doughnuts being one of the highlights! The day culminated in a concert where the full compliment of 120 visiting children gave a concert playing themes from James Bond and Pirates of the Caribbean just to name a few.
2012 Term 1 – Harvest Mass
Thank you to all of those who donated food at our Harvest Mass
on Tuesday. Halina Simm, who volunteers at the Oxford
Emergency Food Bank came to collect the donations and spoke
to the children after Mass . She explained how the scheme
works and how, even in this relatively affluent part of the
world, there are still many families in need of support with the
2012 Term1 – Dragon School ECO Conference
Willow Class sent 11 delegates to the Eco Conference
yesterday. Green Power demonstrated the construction of
simple electric vehicles. Children became engineers
constructing and then test driving cars. Other workshops
involved looking at alternative power sources, creating art
pieces from plastic bags, singing ecological songs and learning
how to keep chickens (this group enjoyed making and eating
scrambled eggs!). Our children delivered a presentation, which
reflected on how our school already raises awareness for a
positive impact on the environment by encouraging birds and
bugs through feeders and a garden; recycling of paper in every
class; ensuring food waste is sorted for composting; recycling
clothes through uniform sales and Ragtex collection and how
the ‘new build’ courtyard/library has introduced ‘stairlighting’,
which goes out automatically in an empty room. The children
are keen to return and support a team of ‘Eco Warriors’ over
the next few years. It was an enjoyable experience. PB.
2012 Term 1 – Maths Day 
A report by Mrs Brookes
Following a very successful parent evening where parents
enjoyed a variety of Mathematical games and pitched their wits
and strategic game techniques against each other – it was the
turn for the children of St. Aloysius’.
The school was buzzing with the sound of rolling die and water
splashing as groups explored capacity. Children learnt about
the Fibonacci pattern, explored code cracking, patterns and
Maths through cooking ‘Rocky Road’ cakes. Parts of the school
were measured and James Bond theme music wafted down the
corridor from the Year 6 casino! Tigger Class measured
themselves and created a flower garden display where the
flowers stand as tall as themselves. During the morning
assembly, Mr. Walker survived being measured using at one
point a trundle wheel. This lead to the revelation that his
height was the same as 136 Smarties (lengthways) .
At the end of the day pupils held hands and surrounded the
whole building – a total of 237 children and adults. Chants of
number patterns and “We can do this!” rang out across an
otherwise dull and damp day. At the beginning of the day a
few corridor conversations had been doubtful – “the worse day
of a year”, “I think it’s going to be really boring”, changed to
reels of excitement and enthusiasm – “it was fun”, “I enjoyed
exploring game theory tactics”, “it’s really good and we must
do it next year”, “I can’t pick a favourite activity – I loved it
all”, “Maths Day was the best!”. Thank you to everyone who
made yesterday possible and for all the hard work and
commitment to Maths Day. PB.