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The EU has introduced a new law called the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. This new law has introduced significant enhancements to the existing  Data Protection Act of 1998. St. Aloysius’ Catholic Primary School has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to the privacy of our staff, pupils and parents.  To view the privacy notice, click here…Privacy Policy.


The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, states that individuals have the right to ask organisations to confirm whether or not these organisations hold and process their Personal Data. To request what data is held on a particular subject, please contact the school office.


School Website Cookies Policy

Whilst we do not use cookies on this school website, third party cookies may be used by the service that hosts our website including some analytical and statistical plugins installed on the website to enhance their service. Also, some videos embedded in our pages may use a cookie to anonymously gather statistics on how you got there and what videos you visited. Full details of cookie usage can be found in our website Cookies Policy – Click here.

What are your choices regarding cookies?

Enabling all cookies is not strictly necessary for the website to work but some cookies are necessary and explained in the website cookie policy. Enabling all cookies will provide you with a better browsing experience. You can delete or block these cookies, but if you do that some features of this web site might not work as intended. If you’d like to delete cookies or instruct your web browser to delete or refuse cookies, please visit the help pages of your web browser. We suggest consulting the Help section of your browser, or taking a look at the About Cookie website which offers guidance for all modern browsers.