The St Luigi Scrosoppi Centre

The St Luigi Scrosoppi Day Care Centre – or Sorgsentrum – was founded by the Oratory in Oudtshoorn, in South Africa.
The Oratory itself in Oudtshoorn was founded on the outskirts of one of the coloured townships which, along with other townships of its kind dating from the days of apartheid, is one of the most deprived areas of the country.
Our school has become twinned with the day care centre there for three main reasons:
  1. to pray for those most in need;
  2. to raise our children’s awareness of the deperate needs of other people in other parts of the world;
  3. and to raise funds for those poorer than ourselves.
To find out more about the centre go to their website at and by following the link you can find out more about St Luigi himself who, like the priests and brothers here in Oxford, was an Oratorian, and therefore a son of St Philip.