St Martin de Porres

St Martin was born in 1579 in Peru. His mother was very poor, but from the beginning Martin was a very holy and prayerful boy. His family were too poor for him to be educated properly so he became a door-keeper for the Dominicans. Eventually he trained as a barber, but in those days barbers did not just cut hair, they also learned medicine and were the equivalent of our high street pharmacists.

St Martin became a Dominican brother and spent his whole time either praying or helping the poor. He became famous for the help that he gave, always giving away any money that he had, and once even allowed a filthy and smelly man who was very dirty to sleep in his own bed because he was so ill.

St Martin performed many miracles whilst he was still alive, he could also bi-locate (be in two places at the same time), and once, when he needed to help some very sick people, passed through locked doors to get to them!

St Martin died on November 3rd 1639.

His feast day is 3 November.