Places of the Gospel (no.1)

1.   Where did Mary live when the archangel Gabriel visited her?

2.   Where did Our Lady’s cousin, Elizabeth, live?

3.   In which town was Jesus born?

4.   Where did the Wise Men come from?

5.   Into which country did Joseph, with Mary and Jesus, flee when King Herod was trying to kill baby Jesus?

6.   Where was Jesus when Mary and Joseph lost Him?

7.   In which city was the Temple?

8.   Where was Our Lord baptized?

9.   What is the name of the village where Our Lord performed His first miracle of changing water into wine?

10.   What is the name of the mount where Our Lord was transfigured so that His clothes and His face shone like the sun?

11.   What is the name of the village where Mary and Martha, and their brother Lazarus, lived?

12.   On Palm Sunday, the crowds welcomed Jesus into which city?

13.   Where was the Last Supper?

14.   What is the name of the river (or the valley) which Jesus and His disciples crossed after the Last Supper on their way to the garden?

15.   What is the name of the garden where Our Lord was in agony?

16.   Where was Our Lord arrested?

17.   What was the name of the hill on which Jesus died?

18.   What is another name for that same hill?

19.   After Our Lord rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, two of His disciples were walking towards a village when they met Jesus but didn’t recognize Him. What is the name of that village?

20.   Where did Doubting Thomas first see Our Lord and touch Him after He was risen from the dead?

Places of the Gospel (no.1)   Answers