People of the Gospel (no. 1)

1.   What is the name of the archangel who visited the Blessed Virgin Mary?

2.   What are the names of St John the Baptist’s parents?

3.   What was St Peter’s name before Our Lord changed his name?

4.   Who was St Peter’s brother?

5.   The Apostle St John (not the John the Baptist) also had a brother. What was his name?

6.   What was the name of the father of St John and his brother?

7.   Who wrote the four Gospels?

8.   Which of the four Gospel writers also wrote the Acts of the Apostles?

9.   When Our Lord first rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, one of His disciples thought He was the gardener. What was her name?

10.  Who were the first people to see Jesus after He was born?

11.   Although their names are not given in the Bible, what were the three Wise Men called?

12.   What was the name of the King who told the Wise Men to return to him after they had found the baby Jesus?

13.   Who made a decree that the whole world should be enrolled in a census?

14.   Our Lord was born in Bethlehem. This was known as whose city?

15.   Who is Jesus’ foster father?

16.   One of Jesus’ followers came to him secretly at night (in John chpater 3) because he was afraid to be known as a follower of Jesus. What was his name?

17.   Which Apostle would not believe that Our Lord was risen from the dead until he had touched Him?

18.   To whom did Jesus say three times, “Do you love me?”

19.   Which of the Apostles betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver?

20.   How many Apostles were there?

21.   What was the name of the person who helped Jesus to carry the Cross?

22.   One day, Our Lord went up to the top of Mount Thabor and He was transfigured so that His clothes and His face shone brilliantly. Which three disciples did He take with Him?

23.   When Our Lord was transfigured, two people from the Old Testament appeared next to Him. Who were they?

24.   When Jesus was forty days old, Mary and Joseph took Him to the Temple and presented Him to God. What were the names of the two old people who greeted Jesus there?

25.   What was the name of the Roman governor who condemned Jesus to death?

People of the Gospel (no. 1)   Answers