All the answers begin with ‘C’ (no. 1) Answers

1.     We celebrate Jesus’ birth at Christmas.

2.     Jesus performed His first miracle (turning water into wine) at Cana.

3.     One of the three wise men was called Caspar.

4.     The high priest in the Temple when Jesus was crucified was called Caiaphas.

5.     Candlemas is the name of the feast when we remember that Jesus was presented in the Temple.

6.     St Philip Neri’s dog was called Cappriccio.

7.     St Catherine of Alexandria was attached to a cart wheel.

8.     St Clare was the friend of St Francis of Assisi.

9.     We usually hold a procession on the feast of Corpus Christi (which means, “Body of Christ”).

10.     A Cross which shows Jesus still nailed to it is called a Crucifix.

11.     The soldiers put a Crown of Thorns on Jesus’ head.

12.      An altar server wears a black cassock.

13.     An altar server wears a white cotta over his black cassock.

14.     The cup which holds the Precious Blood of Jesus at Mass is called a chalice.

15.     The people who elect a new pope after a pope has died are called Cardinals.

16.     The bishop’s stick, or staff, is called a crozier.

17.     St Charles Borromeo gave St Aloysius his first Holy Communion.

18.     A bishop’s church is called a cathedral.

19.     Nuns live in a convent.

20.     Every Sunday at Mass we say the Creed.