About this website

  • This page describes what this website is for
  • How it is built and updated.
  • What is included on the website by law
  • How much it costs to run.

What the website is for 

This website is for the delivery of information to (past, present and future) staff , pupils , parents and carers and other interested parties who are interested in who we are and what we do.

Some of the information on this website is required by (United Kingdom) law according to the Education Act School Information regulations 2012. Other information is provided by the school to provide timely and accurate information to all involved and all those wanting to be involved . Including, of course , information to allow parents to make an informed choice when choosing a school for their children.

We have tried to give prominence to the Catholic ethos of the school , enshrined in the Mission statement and evident in many sections.

The website also provides news from the school and the school newsletter is uploaded each week as soon as it is available.  Other important  items are the Calendar of events , School life, Becoming saints and the news page .

How the website is built and updated.

This website is built on the publicly available WordPress “blogging” system.

It is built of static pages and news items (posts). various “media” files are regularly uploaded to the website such as newsletters and policy documents. it makes extensive uses  of