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Newsletter – 28 May 2021

This Term’s Virtues

This term we are trying hard to be Loving and Compassionate.

 From Our Headteacher

Dear Parents & Carers,

What a busy half this has been at St Aloysius’. From an alien invasion in Tigger Class, to Year 6 pupils preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation. Oak Class have time travelled to the Roman Era with a virtual workshop from The Ashmolean Museum and Fir Class pupils have produced some high-quality information leaflets about oceans. I have been interested to watch Fig Class’s plants growing taller and taller as the term has progressed and have been impressed with Bay Class’s computing skills on a Thursday afternoon. Each week, Ash Class have been using their knowledge of electricity to become electrical engineers to design and create circuits to help around the home and finally, our youngest learners have been impressing me with their number knowledge in Acorn Class. Each class have also organised their own May Procession, taking flowers and crowning the statue of Our Lady. In our virtual assemblies we have been learning about events in Eastertide, and more recently, discussing The Ascension of the Lord (perhaps your child will be able to tell you about why this feast day is so special to me) and Pentecost, which it has been lovely to see some of the artwork created in classes depicting this event in the liturgical calendar to mark the end of the Easter season.

If you wish to use the online Wednesday Word resources during half term, these can be accessed here.

Please keep the Year 6 pupils who are receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation this Saturday in your prayers.

Thank you for your continued support and wishing you all a restful half term break. Just a reminder that pupils will return to school on Tuesday 8th June.

Kind Regards, Hannah Duncan (Acting Headteacher)

PTA News

Due to administrative issues, the school PTA have decided to stop using Classlist as a communications tool for parents.  They have now set up a new Facebook page and would encourage parents to join at St Aloysius Primary School PTA.


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This Term’s House Point Totals





Sheldonian are the Spring Term House Point winners!


Lord Jesus, we look to you on the throne beside your Father in heaven and ask that you be Lord of peace in our hearts. Help us to overcome ourselves again and again and to remain at peace. Then your will may be done in your disciples, a power of peace may be around us that goes out into the whole world, and your name may be glorified on earth. For you are Lord of peace, and we await you. In difficult times faith and hope will take hold in our hearts all the more firmly, to your glory, Lord Jesus. For you will suddenly come according to your promise as the One who does God’s will on earth among all people. Amen.


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Other News

Congratulations – Congratulations to Rose Del Strother (Willow Class) upon passing her bronze level award for the Royal School of Church Music at Christchurch Cathedral.

Parent Governor Election – In September, we will have two parent governor vacancies. More information will be available after the May half-term.

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Term Dates for 2022-2023 – the calendar is avaialble now under INFORMATION.


Acorn Nursery Class
As we approach half term, Acorns should congratulate themselves on how much they have achieved! After learning about plant life cycles, we moved on to learning about the life cycles of mini beasts and butterflies. The children enjoyed hunting for mini beasts in our outside area, making symmetrical butterfly wing prints and discovering more about their favourite creepy crawlies. We continue to think about all things in the natural world with our latest topic of farms, learning about all aspects of farming through songs, stories, role play, small world play and even practical activities such as making our own butter and a tractor!

Our phonics goes from strength to strength and we have learned our very first digraph ‘sh’ and this knowledge is strengthened, together with learning rhythm and rhyme, through group games and songs such as silly soup. In Maths, we continue to build on our one-to-one accuracy for counting, matching numeral to quantity and also shape. The children are also enjoying a revisit (or first time visit for our newer members) to Ten Town to consolidate what we have learned so far.

I wish you all a very happy half term and hope the sun shines a little more!

Click here for this term’s Topic Web. 

Tigger Reception Class
Tigger Class has had a visit from a UFO! It landed in the garden and the children investigated, they did lots of writing, making posters and newspaper reports.

In phonics we have continued to use the digraphs and trigraphs we have already learnt, in our reading and writing. In Maths, we have been using our skills to look at and apply to teen numbers. We have been learning about one more and one less. We have been learning about adding and subtraction using counting on and counting back. In RE, we have been hearing the story of Pentecost and the children made a person using mixed media to represent the holy spirit coming to the disciples.  We have been looking closely at stories and their structure, characters, and plots. The children have been using the story station to write stories and our stage to perform them. We also used the clay to make tree people.

We are hoping to start a permanent tinker station and would ask for your help. Does anyone have an old video recorder, hairdryer or medium sized electrical items that allow the back to be removed. Also, screw drivers. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Mrs Feller and Mrs Hendry

Click here for this term’s Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser. 

Fir Year 1 Class
Fir Class have been enjoying working hard learning facts about different creatures who live in our seas and oceans. The children have written some excellent leaflets on 3 creatures of their choice. They drew pictures and then wrote small pieces of non-fiction text. In Art, each child made a fish out of clay and then when it was dry they painted them. The children have also painted globes made from papier-mâché to show that oceans cover 70% of the planet.

In Maths, the class has completed work on multiplying and division using lots of practical equipment and seeing the ideas as groups of and sharing. The children are now doing some work on simple fractions.

In Year 1 the ICT curriculum is about learning a simple algorithm which has been great fun as we have been lucky enough to have a new set of BeeBots. The children have enjoyed using them working in pairs to program them to follow routes around different floor maps.

Finally, Outdoor Learning has been a mixed experience due to the weather but the children did manage to start their nature books with some beautiful drawings of wild flowers and mini beasts. It has been a busy few weeks in Fir Class. Have a lovely break!

Click here for this term’s Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser. 

Fig Year 2 Class
Slowly but surely Fig Class seems to be changing into a garden with every windowsill covered with pots sprouting different plants. There is great excitement in the mornings as the children rush to examine their plants and see the changes that have occurred overnight. These observations are important as they are recording the changes in their science lessons.

Over the last few weeks, we have been using different techniques in our art lessons. The children have created Narnia pictures using pointillism inspired by the artist George Seurat – a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of colour are applied in patterns to form an image- which are looking fantastic. Last week the children looked at jungle paintings by an artist called Henri Rousseau and planned a picture based on his style that they will use in a print. In RE the children explored a variety of pictures/images depicting Pentecost and created their own artwork for Pentecost which have made a wonderful display.

In English, the children have been learning about the features of recount writing. We imagined we had been on a school trip to Africa and the children retold the main events of this day using a variety of adjectives, verbs, adverbs and time connectives. They are becoming increasingly confident with these grammatical terms and are using them when discussing their work.

In Maths this week, we have been challenged with using accurate directional instructions by guiding their partners around the classroom and robots through a maze. We have been getting familiar with the mathematical vocabulary related to position and direction, as well as considering turns using this new mathematical vocabulary to plan routes from a starting position to a finishing point including left, right, forwards, backwards, anti-clockwise, clockwise, quarter, half and three-quarter turns. We got lost many times, took a wrong turn and then took a few steps back to problem solve and reconsider our movements and turns, but eventually we did reach our finishing points.

Click here for this term’s Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser. 

Oak Year 3 Class
Oak Class have been taken back in time this week as we explore Roman cities and homes. We have written emotional and descriptive accounts of the destruction of the city of Pompeii by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. In Maths, we have come to the end of our fractions work and are now learning about the properties of shapes. Our next maths topic will be units of time.  In Science, we have been designing our own school bags looking at reflective materials and their properties which ensure we are seen at night. Our class worship has focussed on sacramental preparation for the reconciliation and receiving the Eucharist in First Holy Communion. The whole class have reflected upon the choices we make and the love and mercy that we receive when we say sorry and learn from our experiences. We have read parables and stories from the bible that demonstrate the forgiveness of God. We have worked hard this term and are looking forward to our half term break when some us may be going to the Ashmolean Museum to discover more about the Roman treasures that they have on display.

Click here for this term’s Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser. 

Ash Year 4 Class
How is there only one term left? The children have shown that having high expectations of their work and learning, can lead to fantastic results. I can honestly say that every single child in class has risen to the challenge and their efforts are showing. Recently, they have been exhibiting their writing skills and understanding how to structure their writing in order to make it an engaging and successful piece of written work. We used ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ to help us with that. Children even came up with their own concoction of a sweet using a variety of chocolates and sweets, mixing them together to produce a whole new range for Mr Wonka.

We have also moved onto money and so far the children have compared, ordered and learned the best way to add money without missing out any coins. They have proven to me that they must be the ones in charge of finances at home as they have an excellent knowledge with this. In RE, we have been looking at Pentecost as that has recently passed. The children have created their own art on the ascension of Jesus and learned about the role of the apostle after this time. In PE, they have just finished playing one of their favourite games of all time: Danish long ball. They have loved the tactical side of the game and have learned about always being ready; the best stance for this; how to position themselves in the field; how important communication is and adapting their game. Finally, in Science, we have been learning about electricity and have designed and created either a burglar alarm or game.

Click here for this term’s Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser. 

Bay Year 5 Class
The children have shown great enthusiasm and engagement in our topic on oceans this term. We have explored the oceans of the World, the creatures that live in our oceans and the impacts of ocean pollution. In Maths, we have been adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals, using place value charts and column method. In English, the children have enjoyed writing a non-chronological reports based on the impacts of ocean pollution. The children enjoy reading our class book ‘Song of a Dolphin Boy’ showing character thoughts and feelings using drama techniques. In Science, the class have enjoyed conducting investigations and experiments, exploring the properties of materials. In RE, we are looking at the story of Pentecost and exploring the power of the Holy Spirit. This term we have been on a class pilgrimage to the school hall to visit Mary our Mother and lay flowers and a crown on her head to celebrate the month of May. The class have created lovely pieces of artwork using chalks based on ocean creatures in Art.

Click here for this term’s Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser. 

Willow Year 6 Class
Willow Class have been really enjoying our topic on Survivors, we have learnt about many incredible men and women who have lived to tell dramatic and exciting tales. This has inspired some writing for us this week as we undertook a project imagining we were in a house during a tornado. We watched a virtual reality video of a tornado in action and we came up with some incredible vocabulary to describe the devastation. As part of our art topic on great artists through time, we studied the paper cutting work of Matisse and used these as inspiration for our own paper cut art based around natural disasters. We also looked at the painter Michael Angelo and the children had a go at imagining they were painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel – by lying under their desks and painting upside down! It was quite tricky and our cherubs came out a little wonky! In PE, we have been enjoying playing “Throlf” (throwing golf) which is really helping to develop aim and judgement when throwing. Finally, in RE, we are getting ready for confirmation which will take place on Saturday 29th at 11am. Our candidates have all been researching the lives of saints in order to help them choose a saints name for their confirmation day. Please take a minute this week if you can, to pray for our candidates and ask the Holy Spirit to bless them.

Click here for this term’s Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser.