Newsletter – 04 December 2020

This Term’s Virtues

This term we are trying hard to be
Intentional and Prophetic.

 From Our Headteacher

Dear Parents & Carers,

We are now in the season of Advent (a lovely time of year to work in a primary school). We have begun to think about how we can prepare for the arrival of God’s Special King and how this King was described by the Prophet Isaiah as Wonderful Counsellor, Prince of Peace, Eternal Father and Mighty God. I hope you enjoy reading the Class News items and hearing about all the wonderful things the children have been getting up to in school recently.

Enjoy the weekend.

Kind Regards, Tom Walker (Headteacher)

Dates For Your Diary – 2020

Autumn Term

Thursday 10th December – Peter Pan Panto + Film Afternoon – WEAR YOUR OWN CHRISTMAS JUMPER!

Tuesday 15th December – School Christmas Lunch

Autumn Term Ends – Friday 18th December (1.00pm)

INSET Day – Monday 4th January 2021

Spring Term Starts – Tuesday 5th January

Some Future Dates

February Half Term Holiday – Monday 15th to 19th February

Spring Term Ends – Thursday 31st March (1.00pm)

KS1 & 2 2021 SATs – click here for more information

Parent Interviews

Our Parent’s Evening meetings were held online this year. The majority of parents booked and attended meetings with their child’s class teacher successfully.  If you have any feedback about Schoolcloud, please can you email your comments and suggestions to the school office. Thank you.

Other News

Congratulations – Rose Del Strother (Year 6) has been successful in her audition and is now an official member of the National Youth Choir for Great Britain. Congratulations Rose!

Walk with Me Advent and Christmas Calendar 2020 – please click here to see the calendar.

PANTO – Sadly, our annual trip to the panto has been cancelled this year. Oh no it hasn’t, oh yes it had!!  Honestly, the panto is back on! We have asked the Barn Theatre, Cirencester, to live stream their panto straight into each class bubble (Years 1 to 6). The live streamed performance will take place on Thursday 10th December at 1.00pm.  At the same time, Acorn Nursery and Tigger Classes will be watching Christmas themed films. Children can also wear their own Christmas jumpers on this day. Parent contributions (£6 Years 1 to 6 and £3 Nursery and Reception) can be made via the Schoolgateway.

German Saturday School, North Oxford – please click here for further information.

Class Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser – these can now be found under the CLASSES tab where you can easily click on your child’s class. Acorn Class Curriculum Information can also be found there.

Residential Visits – We are still waiting for dates next Spring to reschedule our residential visits… Hopefully, we will hear something soon.

Swimming – The earliest we will be able to restart swimming lessons will be January 2021.

Payments to The School Office – PLEASE NOTE we are no longer accepting cash or cheques as payment and have moved to a CASHLESS system. All payments should be made via the Schoolgateway (click here for further information). Permission slips can be either emailed or bought into school with your child and handed to the school office.

This Term’s House Point Totals





Sheldonian were the Spring Term House Point winners!


Christ, come into our world of darkness. Light up our lives with your coming. Fulfil all our longings with the joy of your birth. Strengthen our resolve to work for change in our world. And to share the hope of your birth that each Advent brings.

Lord in your mercy, Hear our prayer. Amen.

Sr Bridgetta Rooney


Was your child born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017? If so, you need to apply for a primary school place NOW! Apply online at Oxfordshire County Council Admissions here. THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS 15TH JANUARY 2021. For more information, please see the links below.

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If you are visiting our school site, please always wear a facemask, follow the one-way-system and observe social distancing. HANDS – FACE – SPACE.

There is continuing coverage in the media about the ongoing Covid-19 situation around the World. At school we are continuing to receive daily updates from Oxfordshire County Council, Public Health England and the DfE.

A copy of our full opening letter can be found here

Covid-19 Tier 2 High Alert Information

Covid-19 Tier 2 High Alert Information can be found here

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Breakfast and After School Club

Sadly we are still unable to re-open Breakfast Club due to timings, staffing restrictions, etc.

Thank you to the parents who are continuing to support our After School Club. The numbers are slowly increasing.

Do you have any suggestions as to how we can continue to increase the numbers attending?  If so, please email Jo on the school office email address.

Please keep spreading the word that the ASC is now up and running and hopefully numbers / demand will increase.

Thank you.

Christmas Technology and Activity Camps

If you would like further information about Christmas holiday camps (other holiday camps are available) …

Christmas Technology Camp – click here

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Please note, if you want your child to have a school meal and you do not have any credit in your account, you will receive a telephone call from the office asking you to provide a packed lunch for your child.

If you have any queries regarding school dinner money or require a statement, please email Mrs. McIntyre .


Acorn Nursery Class

It has been a busy couple of weeks! The children enjoyed the doctor role play so much and it was clear how much their vocabulary and friendships had developed that we decided to continue it and this week have been learning about vets and how they help us. This has enabled children to transfer and extend their knowledge into new role play and they have been really enjoying it!

We made poppies and learned about their significance, observing the two-minute silence for Remembrance Day together. Our creative activities go from strength to strength and last week we enjoyed making our very own Gingerbread Men as we explored the story, learning how to act it out ourselves. This week we are reading Jack and the Beanstalk and of course this would not be complete without our own magical giant beanstalk in the middle of the classroom!

In Maths, we have visited Seal Six, Sir Seven and Eric Eight the Snowman and it is wonderful to see how keen all the children are to explore maths and counting! In phonics, we continue to learn about rhythm and rhyme as well as learning the letter sounds ‘m’ and ‘a’ and amidst all this we have somehow found the time to start practising our Christmas songs! They never cease to amaze me! Well done Acorns!

Tigger Reception Class

Tiggers have been busy learning the story of the Bear Hunt and using a writing frame to tell the story, practising our Fred Fingers for our writing, also acting it out in the role play area. The children have made some pictures using different media to represent the different parts of the story. Our role play has become deconstructed and the children have been using their imaginations to turn boxes into pirate ships, caves and racing cars.

In RE we have been learning about the early life of Jesus and what happened when he was left at the temple.  We talked about how his mother would have felt. We continued to learn about Jesus’ relationship with Mary and about how when he attended a wedding he performed a miracle, turning water into wine.

Outside we have been finding different ways to move across various pieces of equipment and mats. We have been jumping over and going under the ropes. In PE we have been balancing and controlling the ball with the hockey stick.  In Phonics, we are reading and writing simple sentences using the red words we have learnt so far. We have continued to read simple words using the sounds we know and the new ones we are learning. In Maths, we have been practising using positional language and looking deeply at the numbers 4 and 5. We have learnt a new story about a hat seller and some monkeys, the children have been following the story which has no pictures or props. In Music, we have continued to learn more songs and the children have loved Penguins Attention! The children have all been using their voices in different ways.

We have started to prepare for Christmas, apologies if it is a bit early to hear the children singing Christmas carols!

Click here for this term’s Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser. 

Fir Year 1 Class

Fir Class have been studying bar modelling in Maths as another way of visually representing numbers and helping them solve simple addition problems. They drew a picture of a bar model and then used different pieces of maths equipment to show different number bonds. We then started to look at subtraction problems but only doing them using concrete apparatus to help the children’s thinking. In English, the children have read the story of Hansel and Gretel and are drawing their own pictures and then writing parts of the story using simple sentences. The class have started learning two sounds per week from speed set group 3 but these are tricky and so we will focus on reading and spelling them within nonsense and real words.

In RE we have read and then written about the story of Jesus being presented at The Temple when he was a baby. We are also learning the carol Away in a Manger so please help your child to learn the words, they could sing it to you at home! The class also love doing lots of colouring and making some amazing models from Duplo, one of which was nearly as tall as Mr Walker!

Click here for this term’s Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser. 

Fig Year 2 Class

In Fig Class, we are still focussing on dragons both in story writing and poetry. We are writing stories about retrieving treasure from a fearsome dragon called Nogard who lives in a dark and dismal cave. The children are learning how to write story openings that set the scene and then grab the reader making them want to read more. We have thought of adventurous vocabulary that could be included – especially adjectives and verbs- and the impact these have on the reader. Next week we will be continuing the story as we enter the cave and are confronted by a range of obstacles including deep gaping pits, poisonous creatures and finally the dragon. The children are exploring poetry and using drama activities to focus on feelings. They will begin to write their own poems around dragons. In DT, the children planned and made dragon traps. They had some interesting ideas and when the traps were finished, they reflected on what worked well and what they would change were they to make them again. Throughout November, the children’s morning work has been about problem solving using representations including bar modelling to solve, support thinking and explain answers. It has been great to see everyone become increasingly confident in tackling some difficult word problems. In Maths, the children have been learning how to use column addition, including those with carry overs. They are using this method with greater confidence and accuracy. They have also been learning about money and are using column addition to work out calculations using money. 

Click here for this term’s Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser. 

Oak Year 3 Class

If you have been wondering what has been going on in Oak Class, the children have created their own newsletter article to inform you.

We have all been very busy and excited as we come to the grand finale of our Titanic topic. We have focussed on non-fiction writing over the past two weeks. We have written non-chronological reports full of facts and interesting details. We have used sub-heading, lots of interesting vocabulary and conjunctions. If you ever go to the London Savoy Hotel you will see the statue of a mysterious black cat. We can tell you a story of that cat who we know as Kaspar. Kaspar was a cat like no other, he survived the Titanic disaster and brought good fortune to his friend Johnny Trott and Lizziebeth. Kaspar may have lived on board the ship in a cabin like those which we are creating in school. We have taken shoeboxes and transformed them into luxurious first class suites and comfortable second class cabins. We can now design, create and write as if we are all budding scientists. In our class laboratories, we have created our own shell fossils using plaster and playdoh as well as performing experiments to evaluate the reaction of rocks and acids. We had a few bubble reactions and holes. Ask an Oak scientist to find out more.

We might not be able to party due to lockdown but in Oak Class we can party with our laptops as we learn to code and groove on dance party. We are now moving on to multiplication and division so get ready mums and dads because we are going to be testing you to check that you know your 3, 4, 2, 5, 10, 6 and 8 times table as well as we do.

As the season turns to Advent we have been reflecting on the Beatitudes and the message of caring and loving each other and those who need our help or what we should be thankful for. We have thought about those people who are homeless, lonely or spend their time keeping us safe.

We are looking forward to exploring our knowledge of the Oceans of the World, reading and writing about The Polar Express and performing for you all in our Christmas Carol Nativity.

Click here for this term’s Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser. 

Ash Year 4 Class

Days may be getting darker but the children’s minds are getting brighter. They have been doing exceptionally well with their writing in English. We had a different type of lesson on Tuesday, where I gave them the task to design and build a boat with only certain materials. They had to work as a team and be as resourceful as possible to create a vessel that would be able to float with a weight (who was our central character, Lucy?). Every single boat had its own individuality but centred around the story really well.

In Maths, we are starting a new unit on measurements. We have looked at conversions between mm, cm, m and km so far and they are getting to grips with the word equivalent. In Topic, we are waiting for our stone age jewellery to dry. The class found out that these were mainly made from bones, teeth, stones or shells. They looked at designs and then created their own bracelets or necklaces. In RE, we have been focusing on the Rosary, specifically looking at the mysteries and the stories associated with it. In Science, we are learning about states of matter and how the particles (atoms) move within each one. Fingers crossed but by the time this letter has been sent out, they would have made some ice cream in a bag to highlight these states.

Lastly, Ash Class will be given their song that they will be performing in a couple of weeks’ time. Please could parents help them to practise this (I have included actions as well for them to learn)?

Click here for this term’s Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser. 

Bay Year 5 Class

The children continue to show great positivity and enthusiasm in the classroom. In Maths, we have begun to look at multiplication and division exploring multiples, factors, prime numbers, squared numbers and cubed numbers. In English, the children have planned and written a newspaper report based on an Ancient Greek character appearing in modern times. In Science, the children continue to explore space looking at astronauts and the international space station. In RE, the children have explored the sayings and messages of Jesus shown through the Bible and how these words impact them and others. The children enjoyed designing their own Ancient Greek shields, linking to topic work on Ancient Greek Spartan soldiers.

Click here for this term’s Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser. 

Willow Year 6 Class

Over the past few weeks in Willow the class have really enjoyed finishing our class book – Middleworld. This is the first time we have ever managed to finish a class book in a term and move on to the next one in the series! The class have also designed some board games based around the book’s plot and my thanks go to Mrs Spragg for her creativity in coordinating this project on Friday afternoons – the children have even used polymer clay to make tiny meeples (game pieces) that fitted with the theme. In Maths, the children’s confidence is soaring using fractions. Last year, due to Covid, we missed the opportunity to cover all of the year 5 curriculum for fractions so the children have had to work extra hard to catch up in Year 6 – I am so proud of their progress and their enthusiasm.  KJ

We have continued working through the chapters of our Alive to the World programme and have had some really interesting discussions around our individual identities and how there really is not an ‘ideal’ personality, just each person with their own talents.  Our weekly arithmetic tests are enabling the children to practise working to a deadline – and week on week their calculation ability is improving.  In Science, we are enjoying looking at the photos of our parents to see what we have inherited from them for our topic on Evolution and Inheritance. KB

Click here for this term’s Topic Overview and Knowledge Organiser.