Acorn Nursery Class Open Afternoon – Tuesday 10th October at 2.00pm and Reception Open Morning – Wednesday 18th October at 9.30am

By our School council reporter – Frances Watt , Bay class (year 5).

On Friday, the 3rd of March 2017, our local MP, Nicola Blackwood came for a visit around our school She stayed for around one hour during lunch. First, she came to see the school council to discuss problems in Oxford and answer a few questions. We asked her questions such as: ‘How long is an average working day for an MP?’ and ‘What do you think about the pressure put on Year Sixes for their SATS?’ It was a real privilege to have our local MP at our school as she has never visited before.

(Click on the picture below to see Nicola Blackwood answering a question from the School Council).

Nicola Blackwood has also written about our school on her blog

– click here to read what she wrote about us

She said “it was super to tour St Aloysius and meet the School Council. The children had so many insightful questions about how to make Oxford better, I can see future politicians in North Oxford!

(Thank you to Nicola Blackwood MP for giving permission to link to her site and reproduce the above quote)